Energy Star Portfolio Manager

What is Energy Star Portfolio Manager?

Energy Star Portfolio Manager is an online platform that building owners can use to measure and monitor their energy, water, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ESPM can be used to benchmark the performance of a single building or an entire portfolio of buildings. In the United States, 40% of commercial building space already use Portfolio Manager for benchmarking, including 35% of the Fortune 500®.

What can I use Energy Star Portfolio Manager for?

  • Assess whole building energy and water consumption
  • Track changes in energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, and cost over time
  • Track green power purchase
  • Share/report data with others
  • Create custom reports
  • Apply for ENERGY STAR certification
  • Energy consumption (source, site, weather normalized)
  • Water consumption (indoor, outdoor)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (indirect, direct, total, avoided)
  • ENERGY STAR 1-to-100 score (available for 22 building types)

How can I use benchmarking tool?

Can all buildings be benchmarked in ESPM? Yes

What are the benefits of benchmarking in Portfolio Manager?

  • Compare one building against itself over time
  • Compare one building against a national sample of similar buildings
  • Compare all of your buildings of a similar type to each other
  • Set priorities and targets for the use of limited staff time and/or investment capital

What is the process to complete Energy Star Portfolio Manager

  1. Set up a profile: Our team will set up an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account with the owner’s credentials. It is crucial that the building owner be the primary account holder of portfolio manager.
  2. Share the following information with Energy Fave team: Information such as gross floor area by building use type, number of units in the building, number of meters in the building, delivered fuels, annual usage from all energy types: Electric, Gas, Steam, and fuel deliveries, etc. must be shared with the team. Energy Fave will analyze the information and update the profile according to the latest guidelines of EPA. If available, copies of energy bills or online access to data request portals will expedite the process.
  3. Data Review: Energy Fave will review all property records and use the Energy Star data verification checklist to complete the review.
  4. Complete and sign the Statement of Energy Performance: Our Professional Engineers will sign the Energy Star Data Verification Checklist, and sign and stamp the Statement of Energy Performance (SEP). These documents will be sent to the building owner. It is suggested the owner keep a copy of these documents for future reference.

If you are interested to learn more how Energy Fave can help with Energy Star Portfolio Manager for your building or if you have more questions about the whole benchmarking process, feel free to email us: