Services - Energy Star certification for commercial buildings

Energy Star Certification

We help your buildings to become Energy Star certified. We take care of the certification process from utility bills review, site visit, stamp, audit, etc. if this is a first time you hear about Energy Star certification or you want to renew your certification, we can help you to get certified in no time. Contact our team today to start the process.

Services - Energy benchmarking and Energy Star portfolio Manager

Benchmarking & Portfolio Manager

Our professional team are specialized in analyzing the energy usage in buildings and comparing the results to the building past performance, and similar buildings. We use tools such as Energy Star Portfolio Manager or latest CBECS tables.

Services - LEED Energy forms, Green Globes Energy forms

LEED Engineering

There are various engineering forms for LEED and Green Globes that can be confusing and time-consuming. Our team at Energy Fave can help fill out, review, and submit the engineering forms. Forms such as EAP - 1, EAC -1, Indoor air quality, etc. are our specialties.

Services Energy Modeling for LEED

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is usually required for LEED certificate submission, Green Globes submission, and code compliance to get a permit, etc. energy model is the analysis of building operation which can be useful in predicting the energy usage in different phases of design. Schematic Design (CD), 30% Design Development (DD), 60%, 90%, and 100% Construction Documents (CD). Based on the complexity of the project, HVAC system types, and accuracy needed the energy modeling software will be decided.

Services - Energy Audit Service, Retro commissioning

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is the process of inspecting the HVAC equipment, building envelope, controls and programming, etc. to identify Energy Conservative Measures (ECMs), which reduce the energy usage in the building. There are many low/no cost ECMs that are very easy to implement and the building owner can start seeing the savings immediately. Our team can provide a long-term energy savings plan which can save you from paying extra thousands of dollars every month.

BERDO 2.0 Verification

Boston's Building Energy Reporting Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) 2.0 requires third party verification. The process starts with completing Energy Star Portfolio Manager with latest building information, occupancy, utility bills. Second, the BERDO reporting form needs to be completed. Third, Third-party Data verification whereas a qualified professional engineer reviews all the data and verifies them.

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