Kansas Empowerment Ordinance

What is Kansas Energy Benchmarking Ordinance?

What buildings are required per Kansas empowerment Ordinance?

  • Municipal buildings over 50,000 square feet.
  • Commercial, Industrial, or residential buildings over 50,000 square feet.

Your building may qualify for an exemption from reporting if:

  • Certificate of Occupancy: The building did not have a valid certificate of occupancy for the entire year being benchmarked.
  • Demolition Permit: A demolition permit has been issued and demolition work has commenced, rendering the building unusable and unable to consume energy.
  • Low Physical Occupancy: The building has an average physical occupancy below 50% of its intended capacity (e.g., completely vacant or undergoing major renovations).
  • Utility Information Unavailable: The owner or representative can demonstrate a legitimate inability to obtain utility bills for the entire year being benchmarked due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • Exemption from Public Disclosure: The owner or representative demonstrates that public disclosure of their benchmarking information would reveal confidential information protected by law. They must provide relevant evidence and cite the specific legal source.
  • Manufacturing or Industrial Process Energy Use: The building is primarily used for manufacturing or other industrial processes, and the benchmarking results would not be meaningful due to the intensive use of process energy that cannot be separately metered.

What is the penalty for non-compliance?

Currently, there is no penalty for non-compliance with Kansas City Energy Empowerment Ordinance.

What is the compliance process?

Building owners must report their energy usage data to Energy Star Portfolio Manager, a reporting tool that allows building owners to compare their building’s energy efficiency with similar buildings.

You will need to gather the following:

  • Energy (Gas, Electric and other utilities may apply too) and Water Information.
  • Building Use Type, Square Footage, Year Built.
  • Building operations data that varies based on the building use type.

What is the deadline for Kansas Energy empowerment Compliance?

Kansas empowerment ordinance requires that building owners annually submit their energy usage data using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool by May 1st.

What utilities are required for benchmarking reporting?

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • District Energy
  • Any other purchased fuel

What is the purpose for Kansas Energy Benchmarking ordinance?

Kansas city empowerment ordinance has three key goals: empower residents and businesses to save money through energy and water efficiency, reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs in the building efficiency sector.

Interested in benchmarking help?

    If you are interested to learn more how Energy Fave can help with Energy benchmarking for your building or if you have more questions about the whole reporting process, feel free to email us: [email protected]