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Energy Fave handles Energy Star certification for commercial and industrial buildings. Click below to learn more or contact us to assist you with the process.

Energy Star Certification

ENERGY STAR certified buildings consume less energy, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. Energy Star certification needs to be renewed every year. We can help you with you Energy Star Certification.

Benchmarking & Portfolio Manager

Energy benchmarking is the process of analyzing the energy usage in the building and comparing the results with the past performance and data from similar buildings (CBECS) in same region.

Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is the computer analysis of energy usage in a building. Energy modeling can estimate the pattern of energy consumption in any building. Energy model is required for Code compliance and LEED submission.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit identifies issues with the building operations, equipment, controls and recommends Energy Conservative Measures (ECMs) to fix the issue and lower the building energy consumption and save money.

BERDO 2.0 Verification

Boston Emissions Reduction and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO) sets the requirements for large buildings to reduce their energy usage. Certain Properties need to report their energy and water usage.

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Earn Recognition

Earn Energy Star Certification for Existing buildings, leased tenant spaces, or new constructions in design phase

Existing Buildings

Commercial/Industrial Buildings with Energy Star Score of +75 or higher are eligible.
Needs to be renewed on annual basis.

Tenant Space

1. ENERGY STAR Tenant Space is an EPA recognition for sustainability efforts in your leased office space.
2. Represent all your usable office square footage in the building.

Designed To Earn Energy Star

Commercial and multifamily high rise new construction properties are eligible to receive Designed to Earn Energy Star if: 1. are in design or construction phase 2.Estimated total energy use achieved an Energy Star design score of +75.

RCx exemption for Energy Star certified buildings

You might be able to apply for an exemption from local retro-commissioning requirements (RCX) if your building is Energy Star Certified*

* Exception applies depending on the city codes.

Numbers Speak

We are here to make an impact on energy usage and our numbers speak for themselves.

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